I was required to write a ten line poem at the beginning of my senior year, while I started this poem with the full intention of it meeting the requirements for the assignment, it ended up blossoming into something much, much more. Anyways, this was the first serious poem I ever constructed, I hope everyone enjoys it!

A gentle flutter tickles my dirt crusted feet

But I have not the will to kick within this heat

The fuming wind begins to stir the blackened sea

I lay marooned upon the sands of misery.


Arising from the hot embers of the murky shoal

I am taken by a fury beneath my soul

The waves begin to rage under the twisting sky

As an azure dragonfly hovers before my eyes

In an uncontrolled fury I pace upon the moor

I seek an unrestrained vengeance from these shores

I mark the sneering face and his thin diguise

For one day I shall light the fire to his demise.


The moon rose and fell more than I foretold

My plans begin to slip through my failing hold

As my anger falters from a calming breeze

I feel myself collapse beside the peaceful sea

Serene light streams through the darkened skies

Inviting my to say my last goodbyes

A dragonfly rests upon my outstretched hand

While I take my final breath in the sand

The majestic being flutters into the night

As I release myself unto the light.